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A little help on registration for non-polish speakers

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Napisano 15 styczeń 2007 - 17:06

Welcome Foreigner on our watch forum!

Here's a little step-by-step tutorial how you can register on this forum still do not understanding a word in Polish (you have already learned some, haven't you?):

1. First click "Rejestracja" (= register) on the top of the screen

2. Than you have to accept the rules, which are very similar to the rules on other forums. In short:
-the administrators are not responsible for what the users write on the forum
-you may not offend other people in your posts.
If you accept these rules and you are at least 13 years old you may go on by clicking:
"Zgadzam sie na te warunki i mam powizej 13 lat" (= I accept these terms and I am over 13 years old)

3. Fill in the register info:
Uzytkownik = user (enter your nickname here)
Adres e-mail = (no need to translate - you already know some Polish...)
Haslo = password
Potwierdz haslo = repeat password

4. Input the code represented on a picture (crossed "O" stands for zero)

5. You might want to enter some profile info. For example:
Skad = location
Podpis = signature

6. You might leave the preferences as they are set default, but it could be a good idea for you to change:
jezyk forum = forum language
strefa czasowa = time zone

After you are done with that accept all the information by clicking "Wyslij" = send
and wait for the e-mail that will let you finish the registration.

Than have fun using the forum. Ask about anything in English, German or... test the language skills of forum users!

You might also need this: Zaloguj = log in
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