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Napisano 11 lipiec 2007 - 10:55

The main idea of establishing Watch Connoisseur Club was bringing on, wise understood “watch education”, and to all interested make this little mysterious, interesting and useful branch of the science, which is tied up with the time measurement. Our job is to gather in one place as many as possible fans, enthusiasts, specialists and collect as many information about watches from the entire industry. Well prepared we want to focus on making a watch an object, that you like to talk about, and show it to others. That way we want to popularize knowledge about watches not only among brand persons, but also among these who didn’t get the chance to get familiar with this subject.
Today watch, one of the most common usable objects, ornament and collector’s item, has a very little interest among users and media in Poland. We hope that together we will restore a special popularity to the watch in the segment of luxurious goods, just like it was before.
All the information are placed on our web site, and we are inviting you to get familiar with its contest. We hope that a journey throughout the watch’s history, it will become for you a source of new, and precious information.
As a main form of active communication we have chosen discussion forum, which will make possible to be with contact with everyone who is interested, regardless their place of living. This way we will be able to have a discussion with anyone, anytime and place.
Throughout activities of our club, we want to remind history, success of watch making traditions, make a better access to existing publications, and become more familiar with people and companies from the watch making industry. Thanks to the personal contact we can guarantee direct exchange of information, live discussions in all the events regarding watches and time measurement.
Join Watch Connoisseur Club can everyone, who will accept as its own mentioned above club activities, and will log on to the discussion forum. Members of the club are informed about actual activities and take part in the projects of the club by using email.
We encourage you also, to cooperate in all activities and events regarding watches, clocks and active participation in discussions or information exchanges.
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