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#1 Stephan

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Napisano 19 kwiecień 2012 - 10:41

Hello Forum members,

I hope you don't mind to read in English, as I cannot write in Polish. I can partly read the forum using Google translate.

As owner of the European web store of the New Zealand watch brand MAGRETTE (, I noticed more interest coming from this forum recently.

This introduction mail is to let you know you can always contact me (in English or German) with questions.

Secondly, I would like to offer favorable conditions to forum members, but do not know if it is possible/allowed to announce that on the forum or where.

Thirdly, I was wondering if members would be interested in organizing a Review "Try-it-on" Tour of one of our new Chrono models as soon as they become available. See Chrono models
We did this with another model in the Watchlounge forum in Germany last year and it was much appreciated. We could send a watch to a member and that member would forward it to the next member, etc. Maybe 2 months or so.
The only rules: 1. post a picture and your review 2. Keep it alive 3. Get it back to me in a good condition. Some local help to coordinate and communicate with me would be very helpful/necessary.

Also for this initiative, I would like to play by the rules of this forum. So maybe the forum management or Moderator can contact me to see how we can arrange this?

It is a pity I cannot actively participate on this forum in English. Seems you guys know how to enjoy watches!

With kind regards from The Netherlands,

Magrette Timepieces Europe
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#2 Yenjay

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Napisano 19 kwiecień 2012 - 11:55

Welcome Stefan, I can see that we(forum)are going international :)
Regards from sunny Copenhagen
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