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  1. Dear Watchlovers and Time enthusiasts! I am sorry for writing in english and I hope I have opened this thread in the correct area! I want to introduce myself ... I am a watch addict like you from Switzerland and mostly I am surfing in the watch-community "uhrforum.de". In school I have started to get addicted on G-Shocks and my taste for nice timepieces was constantly growing. Step by Step I got into the horologie. I up0gradet my digital quarz for a Certina DS Action Quarz and thought "now I have the perfect watch". But as you know ... once you start to "upgrade" your watch ... it never stopps Because I like durability and quality of watches - my main focus is on Dive watches, but of corse of love all watches! The only watches I still can not "love" are Regulaters During all my time I never had a blue watch, and now I finally wanted to get one. Of course I have seen the squale 1521 before - but I always had a problem with "painted"-markers. For me It always looked too 2 Dimensional and boring (no offense ;-D!) Then suddenly I saw that your community had created a blue Squale 1521 KMZIZ with applied markers and wow I fell in love with it. I had to order it directly and now I am sitting here full of excitment and wait for the watch to come. Definately I will post some pictures when I receive it. Because I can not read polish (I am navigating here with the help of google-translate :-P) I can not read more about this project and the history behind it. So my final question is, if someone can teach me a bit about this wonderful watch? I am sure that I will receive a watch from a forum member here (I do not know the serial number yet) - I love that history behind unique pieces!!! - How did the project started? (anniversary? or similar?) - Why did this community decide to make a squale? - Why are only 35 pieces made? - What are the differences (beside the markers) to the standard blue squale? - Where the changes an idea from the community, or did Squale the whole design? - Does this forum has a direct connection to Squale? I want to thank you in advance for your informations! Greetings! Ice
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